Guide to the Monogatari Anime


Monogatari is a critically-acclaimed anime series based on the bestselling urban fantasy novels by NISIOISIN. It tells the tale of Koyomi Araragi, a high school senior who helps the girls in his life deal with their inner (and outer) demons. Known for its experimental visuals, witty dialogue, and unforgettable cast, this genre-defying series has astounded, delighted, and enchanted fans all over the world for over a decade.

If you’re a newcomer, here are some things to look out for:

  • Static frames. Flashes of text and color are used to set the mood, establish the setting, or describe a character’s thoughts. Some of these feature excerpts from the novels.
  • External references. The animators often pay tribute to other anime, American cartoons, Hollywood movies, Renaissance paintings, and more.
  • Japanese wordplay. Per the author’s proclivities, the script is filled with puns galore; anything that could have a double meaning, probably does.
  • Mature content. The series addresses heavy topics like child abuse, depression, and sexual assault. There’s also plenty of blood, gore, and fanservice.
  • Achronological storytelling. Events are purposely shown out of order. For help piecing together the narrative, see the Timeline.

Now, how exactly should you watch the 91 episodes, 12 shorts, and 3 films that make up the series? Below is my recommended order, with links to official streams.


First Season


01-02. Hitagi Crab
03-05. Mayoi Maimai
06-08. Suruga Monkey
09-10. Nadeko Snake
11-15. Tsubasa Cat

Episodes 13-15 not on Crunchyroll or VRV.

01. Tekketsu
02. Nekketsu
03. Reiketsu

Covers the Koyomi Vamp arc.

01-07. Karen Bee
08-11. Tsukihi Phoenix

Nekomonogatari Black

01-04. Tsubasa Family

Second Season

Monogatari Second Season

01-05. Tsubasa Tiger
06. Summary One
07-10. Mayoi Jiangshi
11. Summary Two

Includes Nekomonogatari White and Kabukimonogatari.

01-05. Suruga Devil

Monogatari Second Season

12-15. Nadeko Medusa
16. Summary Three
17-20. Shinobu Time
21-26. Hitagi End

Includes Otorimonogatari, Onimonogatari, and Koimonogatari.

Final Season


01-04. Yotsugi Doll


01. Koyomi Stone
02. Koyomi Flower
03. Koyomi Sand
04. Koyomi Water
05. Koyomi Wind
06. Koyomi Tree
07. Koyomi Tea
08. Koyomi Mountain
09. Koyomi Torus
10. Koyomi Seed
11. Koyomi Nothing
12. Koyomi Dead


01-02. Ogi Formula
03-04. Sodachi Riddle
05-07. Sodachi Lost
08-13. Shinobu Mail
14-15. Mayoi Hell
16-17. Hitagi Rendezvous
18-20. Ogi Dark

Zoku Owarimonogatari

01-06. Koyomi Reverse

Only on Blu-ray.


  1. This is the order in which the Japanese novels were published. The anime was not released this way due to unforeseen production delays.
  2. Episodes 13-15 of Bakemonogatari premiered online months after episode 12 had aired on TV. Most streaming services only have episodes from the initial TV run.
  3. The “Summaries” in Monogatari Second Season are recaps of the First Season.
  4. Episodes 14-20 of Owarimonogatari are sometimes labeled as Owarimonogatari Season 2 because they were released two years after the first thirteen.
  5. Two seasons of novels have yet to be animated.
    1. Off Season: Orokamonogatari, Wazamonogatari, Nademonogatari, Musubimonogatari
    2. Monster Season: Shinobumonogatari, Yoimonogatari, Amarimonogatari, Ogimonogatari, Shinomonogatari


Canon DateStory ArcEpisodes
Mar 25 – Apr 08Koyomi VampKizu 01-03
Apr 11 – Apr 12Koyomi StoneKoyomi 01
Apr 29 – May 08Tsubasa FamilyNeko Black 01-04
May 08 – May 09Hitagi CrabBake 01-02
May 09 – May 10Koyomi FlowerKoyomi 02
May 14 – May 15Mayoi MaimaiBake 03-05
May 22 – May 28Suruga MonkeyBake 06-08
Jun 11 – Jun 13Nadeko SnakeBake 09-10
Jun 13 – Jun 15Tsubasa CatBake 11-15
Mid JunKoyomi SandKoyomi 03
JulKoyomi WaterKoyomi 04
Jul 29 – Jul 31Karen BeeNise 01-07
Early AugKoyomi WindKoyomi 05
Aug 14 – Aug 15Tsukihi PhoenixNise 08-11
Aug 20 – Aug 21Mayoi JiangshiSecond Season 07-10
Aug 21 – Aug 25Tsubasa TigerSecond Season 01-05
Aug 21 – Aug 23Shinobu TimeSecond Season 17-20
Aug 23 – Aug 24Shinobu MailOwari 08-13
Late SepKoyomi TreeKoyomi 06
OctKoyomi TeaKoyomi 07
Oct 24 – Oct 25Ogi FormulaOwari 01-02
Oct 25 – Oct 26Sodachi RiddleOwari 03-04
Oct 27 – Oct 28Sodachi LostOwari 05-07
Oct 31 – Nov 02Nadeko MedusaSecond Season 12-15
Nov 01 – Nov 02Koyomi MountainKoyomi 08
DecKoyomi TorusKoyomi 09
Jan 01 – Feb 01Hitagi EndSecond Season 21-26
Mid JanKoyomi SeedKoyomi 10
Feb 13 – Feb 14Yotsugi DollTsuki 01-04
Late Feb – Mar 13Koyomi NothingKoyomi 11
Mar 13Koyomi DeadKoyomi 12
Mar 13Mayoi HellOwari 14-15
Mar 13 – Mar 14Hitagi RendezvousOwari 16-17
Mar 14 – Mar 15Ogi DarkOwari 18-20
Mar 16 – Mar 18Koyomi ReverseZoku Owari 01-06
Apr 09 – Apr 21Suruga DevilHana 01-05

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  1. I like this guide and the extra details you added. I usually recommend people those charts as a watch order but from now on I’m using this site.


  2. Thanks for this. I was confused as hell; all I knew was that I’m supposed to start with Bakemonogatari, but now I can start watching with confidence.


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